Exhausted dog asks help of goose friend to take care of the chicks

Many animals are only strange or scary just because we don't know them well. Geese are strong, quarrelsome, but very loving birds. And this story proves it in the best possible way. An exhausted dog asks the friend of the goose to help care for the newborn chicks.  The story is shown on video. There were thousands of views around the world. The cuteness of the moment has enchanted so many hearts, it makes us think. Geese may be being wronged, right? After all, an animal that acts with such tenderness and affection cannot be evil.

Exhausted dog gets the best help 

Mothers only entrust their babies to those they truly love. Even in the animal world, in short, we see this rule applying. The dog lets the goose warm up and take care of the puppies while she rests for a while. After all, it is not easy to take care of so many puppies at the same time. The tranquility of the goose, surrounded by puppies, is impressive. Who are the irrational animals? Certainly, this is not.