A brave guy jumped into a pit of mud to save the puppies

On that day, a Thai resident named Surachet Klaevkla was walking to work in the morning when he heard strange sounds. Either cry, or squeak, and the sounds came from the ground. Looking around, he found a hole - something was stirring in the deep mud at the bottom. And then the brave guy decided to climb in and save this creature, whatever it is!

What's in the mud?

Puppies! They were little puppies, as many as five tails!

They were covered in mud, disoriented and helpless. And they would not have survived if it hadn't been for Surachet.

The guy took all the puppies home. He took a day off to devote a day to helping the little ones. The whole family helped him wash and clean the kutenoks, and then feed and put them to bed.

What a beauty they got out of the mud!

The Surachet family decided to keep all the puppies for themselves, because they saw it as a happy sign. It is no coincidence that Surachet found himself near that pit that morning, and it was no coincidence that they were given a chance to save small lives. Let them live and be useful!